1-on-1 Consultation

When the other advisors stop. We start!

Scheduling a consultation gives you direct access to experts who will discuss your business and tax status situation in detail; suggest and implement solutions to your problems ; answer your pertinent questions; advise you on successful strategies to ensure future success. Please select the appointment type to make a booking.

30-Min Consultation

(30 minutes)
$ 59.00

1-Hour Consult

(1 hour)
$ 99.00

3-Hour Consultation

(3 hours)
$ 299.00

5-Hour Consultation

(5 hours)
$ 499.00

6 Month Coaching & Mastermind Club

12 sessions of Private coaching & mastermind club.

Note: It’s your responsibility to book calls and take advantage of all services offered before the membership ends.

(30 minutes)